Corporate Overview

Lead by a team of top executives with innovation, vision and solid values
Our Mission
To leverage the knowledge, understanding, and expertise of the IC foundry industry to provide researchers in the scientific and medical fields with the highest-quality microarray products and services at affordable price so that they may be their most successful in their gene expression work.

Our History
Founded in 2002, Phalanx Biotech Group was created by several leaders from the highly regarded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan. Since its inception, Phalanx Biotech has remained committed to the principles on which it was founded: quality, consistency, innovation, and reliability of whole genome microarray products and services at affordable prices. Because of this, Phalanx Biotech continues to develop new products and services that are aimed at enabling researchers to do more and understand more in their work.
Throughout the world, Taiwan is recognized as one of the major epicenters of the IC industry, and ITRI has been a well-known player in helping shape this growing industry. For example, in 1998, the Biomedical Engineering Center (BMEC) within ITRI initiated the Biochip Program to explore the potential of microarray technology. Because of the success of this program, the team’s combined technical expertise produced key advancements in microfluids and microarray manufacturing. The team generated over 15 patents, which are licensed exclusively by Phalanx Biotech Group in order to promote growth in the mircorarray technology industry.