What Our Users are Saying About OneArray®:
 "The OneArray has provided not only a cost-effective avenue for my genome-wide expression analysis, but also, I have received excellent support for my data analysis. The responsiveness and support from the OneArray Technical Support Team has exceeded my expectations!"
    - Ivone G. Bruno, M.S., Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Houston, TX

  “... they (OneArray® microarrays) look excellent. Very consistent spots, nice clean hybridizations, good strong signal--everything we were looking for."
    - Craig E. Nelson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Molecular & Cell Biology
University of Connecticut

  “UNMC (University of Nebraska Medical Center) scientists are receiving good results from these low-cost whole genome microarrays, and the OneArray Express program makes the ordering process fast and convenient."
   - James Eudy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Director, DNA Microarray Core Facility
Department Genetics Cell Biology and Anatomy
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Customer Satisfaction Survey Results:
  Scale: 1 - 5, 1=worst, 5=best
Category Rating
Array performance and quality/services quality 4.4
Value - cost vs. end product/service results 4.6
Customer and technical support 4.4

Who Else is Using OneArray®:
Dr. Rajeev Vibhakar
University of Iowa
Dr. Salil Das
Meharry Medical College
Dr. Yanlin Ma
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Dr. Ramakrishna Vankagalatati
University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler
Dr. Eliseo Eugenin
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Philip Hardwidge
South Dakota State University
Dr. Ye Tao
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Institute of Bioscience & Technology
Dr. Terry Means
Massachussetts General Hospital
Tavan Janvilisri, Ph.D.Postdoctoral Associate
Dept of Population Medicine & Diagnostic Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Dr. Huifei Liu
Harvard Medical Center
Boston, MA
Dr. Subhradip Mukhopadhyay
San Francisco, CA
Dr. Yi-chun Liao
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
University of California, Davis
Dr. John Zhang
Texas A&M Health Service Center
Houston TX
Dr. Jian Li
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Cardiology, SL - 423B, BIDMC
Boston, MA
Dr. XionBin Lu
University of South Carolina
Department of Biological Sciences
Columbia, SC
Dr. Rebecca Parr
Veterinary Pathobiology
Veterinary Med. School, Room 215-4467
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX
Dr. Nadarajah Vigneswara
UT HSC Dental Branch DB 3.094G
Houston, TX
Dr. Robert Cardnell
Virginia Commonwealth University
Department of Radiation Oncology
Richmond, VA
Dr. David Klinkebiel
Department of Biochemistry
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Dr. Kai Long
Harvard University
Department of Cell Biology
Boston, MA
Dr. Jun Wang
Texas A&M Health Sciences Center
Houston, TX
Dr. Robert Debs
California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
San Francisco, CA
Dr. Eva Lee
Chancellor's Professor
Dept. of Biological Chemistry &
Dept of Developmental and Cell Biology
University of California, Irvine
Dr. Lei Guo
Division of Systems Toxicology
National Center for Toxicological Research
Food and Drug Administration
Khew-Voon Chin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Biochemistry and Cancer Biology
Director of Genomic Medicine
University of Toledo
Dr. Chris A. Pritsos
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Nutrition
University of Nevada
Ismail Kaddour-Djebbar, MD
Urology & Surgery Department
Medical College of Georgia &
VA Medical Center
Augusta, GA
Chin Chen, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Pediatrics
Stanford University School of Medicine
Ying Hao M.D Ph.D
Research Associate,
Department of Gastroenterology,
Stanford University School of Medicine
Amy E. Coon, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Scholar
Dept. of Nutrition
University of Nevada
Sylvia Fong, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
BioNovo, Inc.
Isabella Imhof, Ph.D.
Department of Cell and Tissue Biology
University of California, San Francisco
Yi Zhou, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate
College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Yung-Hao Ching, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate
College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University
Wen-Harn Pan, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Institute of Biomedical Science
Academia Sinica
Hongkui Deng, Ph.D.
Professor of Cell Biology
College of Life Science, Department of Cell Biology & Genetics
Grand Challenges in Global Health Project 4
Beijing University
Hung-ju Richard Su, Ph.D.
Microarray Laboratory
Biomedical Engineering Research Lab
Industrial Technology Rsrch Institute, Taiwan
Sung-Liang Yu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical Sciences & Medical Biotechnology
Microarray and SNP Core Facility for Genomic Medicine
NTU Center for Genomic Medicine
Dr. Chia-Hsiang, Chen
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology
China Health Research Institutes, Taiwan
Tin-Yun Ho, DVM, Ph.D.
Graduate Institute of Chinese Medical Science
China Medical University, Taiwan
Chien-Yun Hsiang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology
China Medical University, Taiwan