Human Gene Expression Microarrays

human microarray for gene expression

Human OneArray® v6 Advantages

  • Highly competitive pricing  
  • Outstanding technical support  
  • Over 30,000 human genome probes  
  • Strong correlation with real-time PCR  
  • Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range  
  • Compatible with common microarray scanners  
  • Competes head-to-head with other microarray platforms  

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Recent Human OneArray® Publications

  • Shuzhen Guo, Melissa J Philbrick, Xiaojing An, Ming Xu, Jiaping Wu Response gene to complement 32 (RGC-32) in endothelial cells is induced by glucose and helpful to maintain glucose homeostasis International Journal Of Clinical And Experimental Medicine (ijcem). 2014, 7(9):2541-2549. (Link)
  • Kuei-fang Lee, Julia Tzu-ya Weng, Paul Wei-che Hsu, Yu-hsiang Chi, Ching-kai Chen, Ingrid Y. Liu, Yi-cheng Chen, Lawrence Shih-hsin Wu Gene Expression Profiling of Biological Pathway Alterations by Radiation Exposure Biomed Research International. 2014 Sep 8. (Link)
  • Katarzyna KoŚla, Magdalena Nowakowska, Karolina Pospiech, Andrzej K. Bednarek WWOX modulates the gene expression profile in the T98G glioblastoma cell line rendering its phenotype less malignant Oncology Reports. 2014 Jul 17. doi: 10.3892/or.2014.3335. (Link)
  • Lawrence Shih-hsin Wu, Shih-wei Lee, Kai-yao Huang, Tzong-yi Lee, Paul Wei-che Hsu, Julia Tzu-ya Weng Systematic expression profiling analysis identifies specific microRNA-gene interactions that may differentiate between active and latent tuberculosis infection Biomed Research International. 2014 July 1. (Link)
  • Karolina Pospiech, Urszula Lewandowska, Agnieszka W, Piastowska-ciesielska, Andrzej Kazimierz Bednarek, Magdalena Nowakowska Diverse effect of WWOX overexpression in HT29 and SW480 colon cancer cell lines Tumor Biology. 2014 Jun 19. (Link)
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Probe Set Content

  • The Human OneArray v6 probe set is a combination of the RefSeq release 51 and Ensembl release 65 databases.

  • Long oligonucleotide probes (~60-mers) were engineered using specific lengths to match melting temperatures for superior hybridization performance.

  • Each microarray contains 938 performance-monitoring control probes for hybridization, sample quality, and labeling reactions. ArrayControl™ Sense Oligo Spots by Ambion are also included.

  • Downloadable gene lists, probe sequences, and whole genome GAL files. << More>>
Human OneArray® v6 Probe Set Content
Probe Type Number of Probes
Total Probes 32,679*
Content Probes
  • RefSeq release 51
  • Ensembl release 65
Control Probes 938
*Human OneArray is guaranteed to have > 98% of the total probe content printed.

Control Features

  Visit our Experimental Controls support page to learn more about how to use the 938 experimental control probes on Human OneArray. << More>>