Human Gene Expression Microarrays

human microarray for gene expression

Human OneArray® v6 Advantages

  • Highly competitive pricing  
  • Outstanding technical support  
  • Over 30,000 human genome probes  
  • Strong correlation with real-time PCR  
  • Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range  
  • Compatible with common microarray scanners  
  • Competes head-to-head with other microarray platforms  

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Recent Human OneArray® Publications

  • Heng-hsiung Wu, Wendy W. Hwang-verslues, Wen-hsin Lee, Chun-kai Huang, Pei-chi Wei, Chia-lin Chen, Jin-yuh Shew, Eva Y.-h.p. Lee, Yung-ming Jeng, Yu-wen Tien, Che Ma, Wen-hwa Lee Targeting IL-17BIL-17RB signaling with an antiIL-17RB antibody blocks pancreatic cancer metastasis by silencing multiple chemokines Journal Of Experimental Medicine. 2015, 212(3):333-49. doi: 10.1084/jem.20141702. (Link)
  • Imoh S. Okon, Kathleen A. Coughlan, Miao Zhang, Qiongxin Wang, Ming-hui Zou Gefitinib-mediated ROS instigates mitochondrial dysfunction and drug resistance in lung cancer cells Journal Of Biological Chemistry. 2015, 290(14):9101-10. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M114.631580. (Link)
  • Hengwei Zhang, Xuyong Teng, Zhangyi Liu, Lei Zhang, Zhen Liu Gene expression profile analyze the molecular mechanism of CXCR7 regulating papillary thyroid carcinoma growth and metastasi Journal Of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research. 2015, 12;34:16. doi: 10.1186/s13046-015-0132-y. (Link)
  • Dhruva K. Mishra, Chad J. Creighton, Yiqun Zhang, Fengju Chen, Michael J. Thrall, Min P. Kim Ex vivo four-dimensional lung cancer model mimics metastasis Annals Of Thoracic Surgery. 2015, 99(4):1149-56. doi: 10.1016/j.athoracsur.2014.08.085. (Link)
  • Jia Yang Lu, Marion B. Sewer p54nrb/NONO Regulates Cyclic AMP-Dependent Glucocorticoid Production by Modulating Phosphodiesterase mRNA Splicing and Degradation Molecular And Cellular Biology. 2015, 35(7):1223-37. doi: 10.1128/MCB.00993-14. (Link)
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Probe Set Content

  • The Human OneArray v6 probe set is a combination of the RefSeq release 51 and Ensembl release 65 databases.

  • Long oligonucleotide probes (~60-mers) were engineered using specific lengths to match melting temperatures for superior hybridization performance.

  • Each microarray contains 938 performance-monitoring control probes for hybridization, sample quality, and labeling reactions. ArrayControl™ Sense Oligo Spots by Ambion are also included.

  • Downloadable gene lists, probe sequences, and whole genome GAL files. << More>>
Human OneArray® v6 Probe Set Content
Probe Type Number of Probes
Total Probes 32,679*
Content Probes
  • RefSeq release 51
  • Ensembl release 65
Control Probes 938
*Human OneArray is guaranteed to have > 98% of the total probe content printed.

Control Features

  Visit our Experimental Controls support page to learn more about how to use the 938 experimental control probes on Human OneArray. << More>>