Human miRNA Expression Microarrays

human microarray for gene expression

Human miRNA OneArray® v6 Advantages

  • Updated to miRBase release 20!  
  • Highly competitive pricing  
  • Outstanding technical support  
  • Over 2,500 human miRNA probes  
  • Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range  
  • Compatible with common microarray scanners  
  • Competes head-to-head with other microarray platforms  

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Recent Human miRNA OneArray® Publications

  • Jibing Liu, Jingchen Yan, Changchun Zhou, Qinghua Ma, Qingyan Jin, Zhenbin Yang miR-1285-3p acts as a potential tumor suppressor miRNA via downregulating JUN expression in hepatocellular carcinoma Tumor Biology. 2014 Sep 18. (Link)
  • Kuei-fang Lee, Yi-cheng Chen, Paul Wei-che Hsu, Ingrid Y. Liu, Lawrence Shih-hsin Wu MicroRNA Expression Profiling Altered by Variant Dosage of Radiation Exposure Biomed Research International. 2014 Sep 16. (Link)
  • Zhiguo Liu, Yuguang Liu, Lianling Li, Zhenkuan Xu, Baibin Bi, Jian Yi Li, Yunyan Wang MiR-7-5p is frequently downregulated in glioblastoma microvasculature and inhibits vascular endothelial cell proliferation by targeting RAF1 Tumor Biology. 2014 Jul 16. (Link)
  • Lawrence Shih-hsin Wu, Shih-wei Lee, Kai-yao Huang, Tzong-yi Lee, Paul Wei-che Hsu, Julia Tzu-ya Weng Systematic expression profiling analysis identifies specific microRNA-gene interactions that may differentiate between active and latent tuberculosis infection Biomed Research International. 2014 July 1. (Link)
  • Vivian R. Ruvolo, Rodrigo Jacamo, Jaredk.burks, Zhihong Zheng, Seshagiri R. Duvvuri, Liran Zhou, Yihua Qiu, Kevin R. Coombes, Nianxiang Zhang, Suk Y. Yoo, Rongqing Pan, Numsenhail Jr., Marina Konopleva, George Calin, Steven M. Kornblau, Michael Andreeff, Peter P. Ruvolo The protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunit B55? is a modulator of signaling and microRNA expression in acute myeloid leukemia cells Bba Molecular Cell Research. 2014 May 21. doi: 10.1016/j.bbamcr.2014.05.006.. (Link)
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Probe Set Content

  • The Human miRNA OneArray v6 probe set contains 100% of Sanger miRBase release 20.

  • Probes contain miRNA-specific sequences and a proprietary spacer designed to enhance the hybridization sensitivity to miRNAs.

  • Each microarray contains 114 performance-monitoring control probes for hybridization, sample quality, and labeling reactions.

  • Downloadable gene lists, probe sequences, and miRNA GAL files. << More>>
Human miRNA OneArray® v6 Probe Set Content
Human miRNA OneArray Features
Unique Mature miRNAs
Printed Probes
Control Probes
Human miRNA Probes

Control Features

  • Phalanx Biotech's Human miRNA OneArray v6 contains 114 control probes of 34 unique sequences.

  • The sequences have been drawn from a variety of organisms to act as positive and negative controls.

  • Additional Phalanx Biotech controls have been developed specifically to act as negative controls or spike-ins (PH_mrc_000001 – PH_mrc_00005).
Human miRNA OneArray® v6 Control Features
Probe ID Control Type Number on Array
PH_c_0000001 Grid Alignment 15
PH_mrc_0000001 –
Spike-in / Negative control 15
PH_mrc_0000007 RNA u6/ human 3
PH_mrc_0000008 RNA U4 3
PH_mrc_0000009 RNA U3 3
PH_mrc_0000010 RNA U2/ human 3
PH_mrc_0000011 RNA U8 3
PH_mrc_0000012 m-73B 3
PH_mrc_0000013 m-3b 3
PH_mrc_0000014 rat u5a 3
PH_mrc_0000015 U1 human 3
PH_mrc_0000016 3
PH_mrc_0000017 u4human 3
PH_mrc_0000018 u6 human 3
PH_mrc_0000022 U6 fly.mouse 3
PH_mrc_0000031 –
Negative Controls 45