Mouse & Rat miRNA Expression Microarrays

human microarray for gene expression

Mouse & Rat miRNA OneArray® v5 Advantages

  • Highly competitive pricing  
  • Outstanding technical support  
  • Based on recent miRBase annotation  
  • Over 1,500 mouse & rat miRNA probes  
  • Excellent sensitivity and dynamic range  
  • Compatible with common microarray scanners  
  • Competes head-to-head with other microarray platforms  

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Recent Mouse & Rat miRNA OneArray® Publications

  • Chenyang Zhao, Weijia Sun, Pengfei Zhang, Shukuan Ling, Yuheng Li, Dingsheng Zhao, Jiang Peng, Aiyuan Wang, Qi Li, Jinping Song, Cheng Wang, Xiaolong Xu, Zi Xu, Guohui Zhong, Bingxing Han, Yan-zhong Chang, Yingxian Li miR-214 promotes osteoclastogenesis by targeting Pten/PI3k/Akt pathway Rna Biology. 2015, 12(3):343-53. doi: 10.1080/15476286.2015.1017205. (Link)
  • Chia-wei Lin, Jung-hua Steven Kuo, Ming-shiou Jan Exploring microRNA expression profiles related to the mTOR signaling pathway in mouse embryonic fibroblast cells treated with polyethylenimine Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2015 Jul 9. DOI: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.5b00329. (Link)
  • Johnson Chia-shen Yang, Shao-chunwu, Cheng-shyuan Rau, Yi-chun Chen, Tsu-hsiang Lu, Yi-chanwu, Siou-ling Tzeng, Chia-jungwu, Ching-hua Hsieh TLR4/NF-?B-Responsive MicroRNAs and Their Potential Target Genes: A Mouse Model of Skeletal Muscle Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Biomed Research International. 2015:410721. doi: 10.1155/2015/410721. (Link)
  • Pei-yi Chen, Ming-jiuan Wu, Heng-yuan Chang, Mi-hsueh Tai, Chi-tang Ho, Jui-hung Yen Up-Regulation of miR-34a Expression in Response to the Luteolin-Induced Neurite Outgrowth of PC12 Cells Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry. 2015, 63(16):4148-59. doi: 10.1021/acs.jafc.5b01005. (Link)
  • Fan Wang, Yihe Jin, Faqi Wang, Junsheng Ma, Wei Liu Prenatal and neonatal exposure to perfluorooctane sulfonic acid results in aberrant changes in miRNA expression profile and levels in developing rat livers Environmental Toxicology. 2015, 30(6):712-23. doi: 10.1002/tox.21949. (Link)
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Probe Set Content

  • The Mouse & Rat miRNA OneArray v5 probe set contains 100% of Sanger miRBase release 19.

  • Probes contain miRNA-specific sequences and a proprietary spacer designed to enhance the hybridization sensitivity to miRNAs.

  • Each microarray contains 144 performance-monitoring control probes for hybridization, sample quality, and labeling reactions.

  • Downloadable gene lists, probe sequences, and miRNA GAL files. << More>>
Mouse & Rat miRNA OneArray® v5 Probe Set Content
Mouse & Rat miRNA OneArray Features
Total Features
Unique Features
Unique Mature miRNAs
Printed Features
Control Features
miRNA Features
Mouse miRNA Features
Mus musculus, mmu
Rat miRNA Features
Rattus norvegicus, rno

Control Features

  • Phalanx Biotech's Mouse & Rat miRNA OneArray v5 contains 144 control probes of 34 unique sequences.

  • The sequences have been drawn from a variety of organisms to act as positive and negative controls.

  • Additional Phalanx Biotech controls have been developed specifically to act as negative controls or spike-ins (PH_mrc_000001 – PH_mrc_00005).
Human miRNA OneArray® v5 Control Features
Probe ID Control Type Number on Array
PH_c_0000001 Grid Alignment 45
PH_mrc_0000001 –
Spike-in / Negative control 15
PH_mrc_0000007 RNA u6/ human 3
PH_mrc_0000008 RNA U4 3
PH_mrc_0000009 RNA U3 3
PH_mrc_0000010 RNA U2/ human 3
PH_mrc_0000011 RNA U8 3
PH_mrc_0000012 m-73B 3
PH_mrc_0000013 m-3b 3
PH_mrc_0000014 rat u5a 3
PH_mrc_0000015 U1 human 3
PH_mrc_0000016 3
PH_mrc_0000017 u4human 3
PH_mrc_0000018 u6 human 3
PH_mrc_0000022 U6 fly.mouse 3
PH_mrc_0000031 –
Negative Controls 45