SABiosciences qPCR Array Service

qPCR Array Service Highlights

  • Simple, fast, targeted qPCR arrays.  
  • Available for gene or miRNA expression.  
  • Allows for quick validation of microarray results.  
  • Choose from numerous pathway-targeted qPCR arrays, or design your own custom array.  

qPCR Array Service Features

  • The RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays (for gene expression) target over 200 biological processes and diseases, such as cancer drug targets, stem cell signaling, cell death, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the cell cycle.

  • The RT2 Profiler PCR Array system is also amenable to custom array construction. These services are available for a wide array of species in a variety of plate formats.

  • The miScript miRNA PCR Arrays target over 20 biological processes and diseases, such as B and T cell activation, breast cancer, and apoptosis.

  • If you would like to learn more about our qPCR array services, please call us at 877-730-3887, or click HERE to submit an inquiry through our website.