Phalanx's bioinformatics team assists clients in identifying key features amongst large amounts of data in a variety of fields - including drug discovery, healthcare diagnostics, animal research, environmental studies, and much more.

Microarray & NGS Data Services.

Our basic Microarray analysis package includes normalization, statistics, fold change histograms, volcano plots, a principal components analysis, and a clustering analysis. We also offer NGS data analysis for RNA-seq, SNP calling, ChIP-seq, lncRNA.

All platforms supported.

All microarray platforms supported, including Agilent, Affymetrix, and Illumina. All NGS platforms supported, including Illumina and Ion Torrent.

Variety of services to suit your needs.

Along with our Microarray and NGS services, we also offer advanced statistics and visualization techniques, prove design services for custom microarray designs, gene ontology and pathway enrichment analyses, and cross platform analyses.

Genomic Services

We offer gene expression profiling and miRNA expression profiling for a variety of species using both OneArray and Agilent microarrays. Not looking for microarrays? We also offer qPCR services on both Sybr Green and Taqman platforms. Click on the following links for more information about all of our different genomic services.

Custom Microarray Printing

As Asia's only high density manufacturer of microarrays, we can print up to 2,000 microarray slides every day. If needed, we also offer probe design services in order to map out the microarrays' specifications.

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RNA & DNA Extraction Services

From tissues to saliva to blood samples, our team can help you extract the RNA and DNA needed to proceed with subsequent experiments.

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