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Gene & Probe Information
- Gene lists, regularly updated annotation files, sequences and GAL files for our microarrays are all available for download in text, Excel format, and searchable through our online utility.

  Gene & Probe Search Utility
Whole Genome Gene & Probe Lists
microRNA Gene & Probe Lists
Data Sheets
- Downloadable files summarizing our products.

  All OneArray® Microarray Products
OneArray® Whole Genome Microarrays (HOA, MOA, ROA, YOA, RiOA)
OneArray® miRNA Microarrays (HmiOA, MRmiOA, MPmiOA)
Tech Notes
- Brief technical papers that compare Phalanx Biotech OneArray® to other commercially available arrays.

  OneArray® Performance
OneArray® Probe Design
MAUI System Compatibility
Experimental Controls
- A description of the experimental control probes for OneArray® microarrays, and instructions of how to extract control data from your dataset.

  Human OneArray® v7, v4
Mouse OneArray® v2, v1
Rat OneArray®
Rice OneArray®
Yeast OneArray®
SimpleMeasure Control data analysis utility
For Human & Mouse
OneArray® Microarray User Guides
- The official protocol for using our whole genome gene and microRNA microarrays.
  Human Microarray v7
Mouse Microarray v2
Rat Microarray
Rice Microarray
Yeast Microarray
Human v4 and Mouse v1
Human microRNA v7
Mouse & Rat microRNA v5
Plant microRNA v3
microRNA Microarrays v2
Hybridization Chamber
- The protocol for using our hybridization chambers with OneArray microarrays.
  OneArray® Full Length
Chamber Guide

OneArray® Double
Chamber Guide

Video Tutorials
OneArray® Cover Slip
and Hyb Bag Guide
Probe Mapping Tutorials
- Tutorials describing how to use the UCSC Genome Browser and the Mediante websites to map OneArray® probes.
  Probe alignment with

Creating custom tracks
in the UCSC browser

Troubleshooting Guide
- Diagnosing and avoiding common problems with microarray experiments.
  Troubleshooting Guide
Frequently Asked
- About Human and Mouse OneArray® microarray products and services.
  FAQs - Frequently Asked

Sample Reports
- Examples of our service report format and service data output format.

  Sample Service Report
Sample Analysis Output
in CSV format
Other Links
- Find out where to get more information about bioinformatics, microarray instrumentation and reagents.
  Microarray Community
Contact Information
- If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact our US office:
  6150 Lusk Blvd., Suite B100
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 650.320.8669
Toll-Free: 877.730.3887
FAX: 650.508.9889