Microarray Reproducibility

OneArray Performance is Highly Reproducible
Fig 1: Log Ratio Correlation for Human OneArray

Fig 2: Log Ratio Correlation for Mouse OneArray
Array-to-array consistency
Array-to-array consistency is essential for making accurate comparisons of various experimental samples. PhalanxBio OneArray product line shows outstanding reproducibility that guarantees consistently high quality microarray data.

In a production of over sixty thousand Human OneArrays--a statistically relevant number-- hundreds of arrays were sampled for reproducible performance. The total median coefficient of variation (CV) < 15% and average R2 of 0.95 were obtained among these arrays.*

Likewise, in a production of over thirty-thousand Mouse OneArrays, a total median CV < 10% and average R2 ≥ 0.95 were obtained.

A typical pair wise comparison of spot intensities (Fig. 1 & 2) shows excellent array-to-array reproducibility for both Human and Mouse OneArray.

The high correlation values are consistent for all arrays. Figure 3 shows a matrix of arrays showing an expanded pair wise comparison of nine arrays from three different production lots of human OneArray. Again, excellent R2 values averaging 0.965 indicate consistency in production that translates into consistency in experimentation.
* For accurate calculation of CV between arrays, the following steps were taken:

Only spots with signal intensities of three standard deviations above background, and only spots that are common among the sampled arrays of the daily lot were considered. CV of intensities of each spot and its associated spots across all the sampled arrays were calculated. Median CV is the median of all CV results for all the considered spots.
Figures 1 & 2: Signal Reproducibility of Human OneArray (top) and Mouse OneArray (bottom). Only spots with signal intensities of three standard deviations above background were considered (n=15,974(Human)). Signal intensities were calculated with background subtracted. A total of 5 mg of starting RNA from Universal Reference RNA (Stratagene) with one round of amplification using Amino Allyl MessageAmp (Ambion). A total of 10 mg aRNA was labeled with Cyanine 5 (GE Healthcare). Scanning was performed using a GenePix 4100B scanner (Molecular Devices).
Fig 3: Pairwise intensity correlation of Human OneArray. For the methods
for sample preparation and analysis, see Figure 1, above.